Added Features to Silver and Diamond ends 12-19-14.

Order our Silver plan we added the Video snippett. Order our Diamond plan you also get to list your business, in the Featured listings ($88.00 VALUE). This deal wont last forever order today!!

Here at, we’re proud to announce a special set of promises, a maxim of uncompromising service if you will. With cheap banner ads, an expert awareness in local business directory operation, we’re here to serve. We swear never to never charge extra by region, city, or company, regardless of size or location. It’s one amazing price for everyone, just the way it should be. In fact, our services boast endless extras and countless new features, such as banner advertising, each tailored for our customers and suppliers, delivering exactly what you need in the manner you demand.  List on our Diamond or Silver Plan and you instantly begin your lifetime of savings, conserving money while employing superior tools to perfectly promote your site. Our Silver Plan has performed superbly for our business clients, enhancing exposure by adding two categories to list a business on. Increase those benefits by turning to our ultimate program, the Diamond Plan, and the power of being listed in three categories, taking publicity to a whole new level of attention and exposure, a possibly critical difference in raising awareness of your business. As we upgrade our site, adding more tools and extras for business, your price is guaranteed to not go up, and you’ll get instant access to those new tools as they arrive, another great benefit for your business. Plus, send us your Blog! We’ll publish it on our site, giving you even more publicity, including cheap banner advertising. Submit articles for free to promote your site! Use articles to promote your Newsletter! These services are all part of our model of operation, each magnifying the presence of your business. All of our plans are under $20.00 per month! That’s affordable, uncompromising service brought to you, our partners in business, here at, your local business directory.



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  • Title, Address, Phone, E-mail to Friend, Add to Favorites, Ratings and Reviews.

$12 / month


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  • Silver level listings get 2 extra categories, appear in search results above Bronze listings.
  • Title, Address, Phone,Deal Button, Web Link, E-mail Link, E-mail to Friend, Add to Favorites, Ratings and Reviews Send to Phone button.
  • You also get to list in up to 2 extra categories no extra fee this package , plus use re occurring payments, this is an easy way to pay, pay by check as well .This package also qualifies for a free submission to our Article Page, and free submission of your blog to our Articles Page on our home page. Order by 12-19-14 and we and for free we add the video snippet to this plan.

$19 / month


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  • Diamond level listings 3 extra Categories included with this plan, no extra charge.
  • Contains Detail View and Summary View.
  • Title, Logo Image, Address, Phone, Fax, Web Link, E-Mail Link, Summary Description, Detail Description, E-mail to Friend, Add to Favorites, Print, Map, Badges, Deal, Ratings and Reviews, Photo Gallery, Contact Form, Video Snippet, Attachment File, Hours of work, Location, Mobile Check in, Facebook Like and Send button, Google +1 button, Send to Phone, Click to Call. Up to extra Categories included in this package. List now and your site will be listed in the Featured listing as well. order by 12-19-14